BÉNARD is, indisputably, a poet of the changing mood, a poet of the passing moment, of the pleasure of painting with enthusiasm, delving into his subject with relish, with sheer joyfulness on the tip of his brush. Landscape also plays an important part in his art, the landscape of Normandy and Brittany, down to Provence. Through all the wide variety of subjects he deals with, what comes across is a refreshing joie de vivre. I find a particular pleasure in the painterly science of his still life, with their highly elaborate, indeed architectural, construction, possibly an echo of his former studies in architecture.

The variety and richness of invention manifest in his art are positively enchanting. I believe that BÉNARD has been able to choose his own path to freedom, without making any concessions to fashion, with his apparently relaxed style, an elegance which veils an incredible strength of will and the courage to be himself. "I invent nothing, said Bonnard. I look." BÉNARD has never stopped looking seriously at the world, both for his own pleasure and to the delight of his contemporaries.

Robert Savary
1er grand prix de Rome
Mai 1989